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I can't compete with that stuff. Don't you even know dignity when you see it? We didn't all go to Gudger College.

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Well, replace the word 'kinda' with the word 'repeatedly,' and the word 'dog' with 'son. It's impossible]. If a cow ever got the chance, he'd eat you and everyone you care about! I'm not supposed to get pudding in it! Dignity Season 12, Episode 5 , as pudding is hurled at his eye. I mean The government calls it the Army, but a more alarmist name would be Thanks to his job on the show, Kent is one of the best sources of one-liners].

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It's a perfectly cromulent word. The low test scores, class after class of ugly, ugly children! It is shaped like Mary Worth.

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I even wrote theme music, listen! Professor Frink, Professor Frink, he'll make you laugh, he'll make you think, he likes to run, and then the thing, with the Gotta nuke somethin'. And to show you we're serious… you have 12 hours.

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Get the ugly kid a platter of the red crap-a! I've been living in there! I only had two payments left! Remember his rusty Colecovisions]. Pick me, Teacher! I'm ever so smart! I'm full of chocolate! No, that's too big. Burns, Part 2 Season 7, Episode 1 , inspecting a catatonic Mr. OH no! Officially Matt Groening's least favorite character]. Either way your planet is doomed. As a young boy, I dreamed of being a baseball, but tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom.

My planet needs me. If I had a girlfriend, she'd kill me. The ex-husband strikes again! The goggles do nothing! Endless thanks to Joe Reid and my Twitter followers in helping me compile this maddening project. This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic.

He appears to be the youngest crew member apart from Tom. He is a gentle soul, and is against using violence. He does, however, have the occasional brainwave and has been the crew's saviour admittedly sometimes more by luck than by design. It might be argued that without Tom, Pugwash would have been sunk long ago. He is the most intelligent and resourceful member of the crew, the only one who can cook and the only one who can actually sail a ship. Although Pugwash would never admit it, Tom's ability to think up schemes is probably the only thing that prevents him from being a total failure as a pirate.

The rest of the crew also found they were unable to operate without Tom, after he left with the captain when the crew mutinied.

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Tom is an expert concertina player, despite this being a 19th-century anachronism for an 18th-century pirate, and part of his repertoire is The Trumpet Hornpipe the Captain Pugwash theme. He was portrayed with a Home Counties accent in the first television adaptation, and with an Irish accent in the series. Captain Pugwash's fearsome arch-enemy, captain of the Flying Dustman a pun on the Flying Dutchman combined with a reference to the occupation of dustman.

When he is not scheming to bring about Pugwash's downfall, he is a rather more competent pirate than his enemy, and always seems to have plenty of treasure. He speaks with a stereotypical West Country accent , and is easily recognisable by his eye patch and enormous black beard.

This character replaced pirate Barnabas, who featured in the earlier series. His catchphrase is "No good will come of this, mark my words!

He is the tallest of the crew as he often hits his head on the ceiling of the ship's lower deck. He is also one of the strongest of the crew as he serves as the Black Pig 's carpenter.

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This character lives at the top of the island in a mansion covered in vines. He talks very quietly and his head of guard, Lt. Scratchwood, usually acts as a megaphone. He is deeply in love with Donna Bonanza and attends to her every need. This pirate queen appeared in the second series when she hijacked the captain's ship to escape from the authorities.

An Australian pirate who works for Jake.

He almost always has a mug of grog in his hand. This character appeared in the original series, but never spoke, nor was he named. A Mexican who works for Jake who speaks little English. He repeats everything that Jake says, annoying him greatly. Again, this character was an unnamed, unspeaking character in the earlier series.

The voice for the governor and the law for the town of Portobello.

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In charge of the guard and collecting taxes, he also spends his time chasing thieves. Captain Pugwash is renowned for his exclamations, owing something to the style of Captain Haddock in The Adventures of Tintin :. Cut-Throat Jake has occasionally been known to utter the similar exclamation, "Scupper me skull-and-crossbones! It was chosen originally from the BBC sound library and recorded in in Northumberland on the button accordion.

The tune appears to have been popular from the midth century, but its composer and country of origin are unknown. John Ryan successfully sued both the Sunday Correspondent and The Guardian newspapers in for printing this legend as fact. Production was set to begin in , with the plot following Captain Pugwash travelling to Botany Bay, where he eventually finds himself at the helm of The Black Pig on a mission to rescue Tom the Cabin Boy's father, who is marooned on a volcanic island.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Captain Pugwash Captain Pugwash, from the title sequence of the —75 series. Hove: RotoVision. Retrieved 7 November BBC Online. Archived from the original on 28 April