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Genesis also indicates that marriage involves the creation of a new family unit. Husband and wife are to leave father and mother. They are still to respect and honor their parents, but theirs is a new family unit. Sadly, some parents do not seem to recognize this biblical truth. When the Pharisees ask Jesus if it is lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any reason, Jesus takes the Pharisees back to these verses in Genesis 1 and 2. So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Divorce violates the one-flesh principle.

That is why later in Matthew , Jesus says that other than for sexual immorality, a man should not divorce his wife. They are one flesh. A third principle that is evident both from Genesis 2 and 3 is that the man and the woman have different functions in the marriage relationship. One is not more important than the other, but they are different.

In Genesis , 20 , God creates the woman to be a helper to the man. In the aftermath of the Fall, God tells Eve that she will have difficulty bearing children, while at the same time telling Adam that he will have difficulty in working the soil.

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What is strongly implied in Genesis is made clear in the New Testament. In 1 Peter Peter says that wives are to submit to their husbands. For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church. Elsewhere, in 1 Timothy —14 , Paul says that the woman should not teach or have authority over the man—and then he goes back to creation and the Fall for the reason vv. There are various analogies that have been used to illustrate the principle of one flesh. One of the best is given by Lindsay Edmonds, who sees an analogy in music. Good music, she says, requires both a melody and a harmony or accompaniment:.

So Genesis teaches, and the NT affirms, that both the man and the woman have important, but distinct, functions in the marriage relationship. This principle logically follows from the first two principles already stated: marriage is a divine institution given by God as a part of the creation order, and it is the union of a man and a woman to become one flesh. He did not give Adam two wives, nor Eve two husbands. When some people object that the OT does not condemn polygamy, what they are really revealing is a lack of understanding OT narrative.

OT narrative rarely condemns acts explicitly; rather, the narrator expects the reader to draw the conclusions out from what is stated explicitly elsewhere. Narratives may teach either explicitly by clearly stating something or implicitly by clearly implying something without actually stating it. Such is the case with the issue of polygamy.

The first person to practice polygamy in Genesis is Lamech. Lamech is the seventh from Adam from the line of Cain, the first murderer. He marries two wives, and brags to them that he killed a man simply because the man wounded him Genesis — Lamech is presented as an ungodly man in every respect.

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Sadly, even otherwise godly individuals are also involved in polygamous relationships. Similarly, Jacob is tricked by Laban into marrying Leah, when he wants to marry Rachel—so he ends up marrying both!

Kingdom Principles

The strife that results from the jealousy of Leah, Rachel, and their maids who also have children by Jacob pervades the remainder of Genesis. But this truth can be seen even in Genesis. For one, each of the polygamous relationships mentioned above essentially constituted adultery as well. Similarly, Abraham looks worse than the pagan kings when he lies about his wife, and in effect allows these kings to commit adultery with her, but the Lord intervenes Genesis —20, — Each time in Genesis that adultery is mentioned or even hinted at, it is implicitly or explicitly condemned.

Though not adultery since his wife has died , his behavior sex outside of marriage is implicitly contrasted with the righteous behavior of his brother Joseph, who refuses to commit adultery and winds up in prison as a result. Similarly, the NT makes it clear that such sexual relations outside of marriage are to be condemned. Flee sexual immorality. One would have to be living in a cave somewhere with no internet access! Returning to our presuppositional statements for a moment, if Scripture is inerrant and it is , then its principles are authoritative in any age, including ours.

As has been noted, God designed marriage, not man principle 1 , and marriage is the union between a man and a woman to become one flesh principle 2. In addition, each person in the marriage relationship has a different function principle 3. It goes without saying that God has innately gifted the woman with nurturing capacities, both physically and emotionally.

Numerous studies have shown that children who grow up with both a father and a mother function better in life, because of the essential influence of both genders. Not only is homosexuality ruled out by the teachings of Genesis 1 and 2 , but it is also judged by God as part of the wickedness of Sodom in Genesis Lot offers his daughters instead, but the men insist and try to force their way in. At that point the angels pull Lot back in the house and strike the men with blindness. Genesis 19 is hardly alone in its condemnation of sodomy.

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Judges —28 depicts another account very similar to Genesis 19 in which men want to have sex with a traveling Levite. There are four more references to these sins as abominations in chapter 18 , and then the only other time the word is used is in Leviticus , where again homosexuality is mentioned. Such strong language is used because this act is a direct affront to God's order in creation. In particular, Romans —27 clearly condemns homosexuality. Love is like a magnet, it draws you towards it, and it grows within you. As you look back at human history, you can observe that you have been gradually moving towards greater levels of allowing.

This movement has become increasingly more apparent in the past years and the momentum of this directional move is increasing exponentially with each passing decade. Embedded in each of you is something we can best describe as an atom. This atom holds within it your will to love. You have this will to love, for that is the very nature of the Universe. Love is the prime quality of universal consciousness, so there is not a consciousness that does not have this atom. Your will to love draws you automatically towards the state of love, of allowing. You may even fully experience a reality or a range of feelings that may seem to be devoid of love.

This atom, however faint it may appear, is within you, and is magnetic to the greater expression of love, universal love, the love of God. It is this will to love that draws you forward in your development; it is what stimulates you to growth through your many incarnations, and from one cycle to another. This is the game of the Universe; you have decided that you want to experience many different ways of going home to love, of returning to love.

This is why you embark upon new cycles and new adventures. The Universe seeks to experience itself in love in all its forms. This is a given, it is not any other way, and cannot be any other way.

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As love is the very nature of God, and as all exists within the mind and being of God, then all within it is of God, and therefore is of love. This is the highest truth. All is love. All action, all beings, all things are love, for that is the foundation of all creation. The Four Principles of Creation are a description of your Divine nature; they are who you are. They are summarized thus:. The Four Principles of Creation describe in essence who you are. They cannot be gained, earned, or awarded to you. They are the governing principles of all life.

Four Principles of Creation

It is for you to remember that this is who you truly are. Each one of you desires these things, desires to express yourself in these ways, to live a life filled with love, to experience health and well-being, and abundance, and to create freely. As a non-physical being, you exist in perfect harmony with these four principles. You are a vast being, a being of vast consciousness. You are already a master of many dimensions, of many realities. Beyond the physical world, the energies are lighter, more malleable, of a higher frequency.


As you adventured into consciousness, building different worlds for yourself, you developed and mastered many skills. The non-physical world from which you originated is devoid of fear. That does not mean that fear does not exist in the non-physical, for certainly it does. But beyond the astral plane, there are many planes of light.

In these planes of light you have existed forever. In these realms of light, you discovered and played with your creative abilities.

You played with color, with vibration, creating many forms and scenarios in which to discover yourself. You are creator, and it is through that which you create that you learn to know yourself. As you are such action-oriented beings, we seek to offer you tools that can enhance the emergence of these principles in your life. Each tool has equal importance; no one tool is more important that the other. To assist you in remembering who you truly are, we encourage you to begin the daily conscious practice of these qualities, meditating upon them, writing things down.

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When you write things down, you bring into form a thought or an idea. This is the first step in manifesting the subject of your attention, making it real for you.

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We have already shared with you that you are the physical extension of a non-physical being, and as such you are tapped into the same pure God force energy that creates worlds. The Four Principles of Creation are qualities that are a part of you, but at the same time they are qualities that you inherently strive towards. The reason for your striving is that you have forgotten that you are a soul having a human experience, and instead hold the illusion that you are only the you that you experience on the Earth plane. The greater part of yourself, your Inner Being, your soul, has prescribed an intention to master Earth life.

Mastering the Earth experience entails moving beyond fear and living an abundant life of great joy.