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SMS Languagecharacter limitation of words to which results in cumbersome,terse and rude text input. With the advent of SMS language a whole new alphabetemerged because SMS messages took a long time to enter and werequite abrupt as people attempted to say as much as possible with asfew keystrokes. From teens to adults,elders to older ones can be spotted texting everywhere. But the use of texting has increased itsscope to marketing, advertising and commercial field so much that the President of AmericaObama was marked using text message to journalists and Democratic Party senators andsupporters to announce his choice of vice-presidential running mate.

This act has raised a lot ofquestions on the advent and scope of SMS language use.

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Since the earlys, however, research from a range of disciplines and a number of countries has beengrowing. Within the Cross-cultural contexts, gender and age pattern with reference tosyntactic complex sentences in texts and stylistic techniques has shown a discrepancy to newvistas. In the Pragmalinguistic contexts, more emphasize is put on stereotypical featuresincluding use of abbreviations e.

SMS Languagestandard spelling e. Language and the Internet by David Crystal 4. A glossary of netspeak and textspeak by David Crystal 5. Computer-mediated communication: linguistic, social, and cross-cultural perspectives by Susan C.

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Herring 6. The Language Revolution by David Crystal 7. CyberSociety 2. Always on: language in an online and mobile world by Naomi S. Baron 9. Taylor The justification for using such online data is to give glimpse at a generalconception of messages overall. Approaches to be used for text analysis Gricean maxims Politeness theory Code-switching Ethnography PsychoanalysisAnalysis Grice defined the principle ofcooperation as follows: during the talk the current stage, you talk to the party as a participantin your turn-out in the discourse should be in line with common speech recognition goals ordirection.

These being 1.

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  3. SMS language.

Brevity and speed 14 SMS Language 2. Paralinguistic restitution 3. Phonological approximation6. As I have discussed in introduction thatthe limit of an SMS is characters only so the brevity is little dependent on technologyconstraints but the option to send as many as messages as texter can send and the SMSpackages at lowest rates minimize this vulnerability of this factor.

Insample 14, 15, 17 we can see the ease of turn-taking i. There is more fluidity of social interaction but still there are variations in thereciprocity and response time of the texters because synchronous and asynchronous tools lackthe face-to-face conventions of turn-taking, floor taking and adjacency pairs, with implicationsfor rate of topic decay, coherence and cohesion, and simultaneous and overlap of messages. On occasion, the second and third maxims appear to overridethe brevity-speed maxim Spilioti , but in most cases all principles are servedsimultaneously and equally.

Thus, for the sake of paralinguistic restitution, capitalization e. Lexical 15 Texting facilitates an interesting mix of intimacy and social distance. There develops a relativeanonymity between the sender and the receiver that is universal in its nature because still ifthe texters know each other, there are complicated traditional boundaries between private andpublic image.

The face-saving capacity of this type of anonymity likewise accounts for texterswho send messages to say something they would ordinarily avoid having to say face-to-face,such as breaking up with a romantic partner or, in the case of our own study, discussing anunexpected pregnancy.

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Analysis:In the samples and 16 there is syntactic brevity of morphologicalitems. No punctuation and contraction of words to few lettersconforms to the above discussion.

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  • SMS LanguageIn the sample 14, 15 there is another example of brevity and speed, not morphological butdiscourse related. People of multi language use the codes and registers oftheir own language and amalgamate it with the metalanguage to converse in a new style. Thiscode-switching is different from other language contact phenomena, such as borrowing, pidginsand creoles, loan translation calques , and language transfer language interference. Now thequestion arises that what are the latent reasons to use code-switching or to use multi-languages in Sms.

    The answer lies in the paralinguistic features related to the text messagingi.

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    • Code mixing is a thematically related term, but the usage of the terms code-switching and code-mixing varies. Both terms denote the same practice, but still some scholarsapply code-mixing to denote the formal linguistic properties of said language-contactphenomena, and code-switching to denote the actual, spoken usages by multilingual persons. Whatever the use is, code-switching relates to, and sometimes indexes social-groupmembership in bilingual and multilingual communities.

      Socio-linguistics describes therelationships between code-switching behaviors and class, ethnicity, and other social positions. In Urdu suchwords are used as fillers or habitual terms and its translation in 17 SMS LanguageEnglish also vary within the discourse markers and fillers. The effect of onenewly developed alpha-numeric and use of symbols within language is not solely bound to asingle region or person or society.

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      Rather it, along with other features, has profound effects onthe cultures, societies and individuals. At individual level, the unconscious mimicking ofsymbols, contraction, numeric use, acronyms etc reflects the hidden desire of texters to comeup with the social status level with the peers. Texting in a more irregular or untraditional wayhas also made teens and adults a kind of fashion freak which clearly mirrors the corecomplexities of human personalities. The language and discourse can be interpreted as away to persuade and socialize the thought of texter.

      Itclearly indicates the indifferent attitude of young ones toward the language and itsdeterioration. SMS Language6. The social interaction happens within the discursive practices, which produce text, so throughthe analysis of text messages; evidence of social practices can be revealed or noted. Thediscursive practices are influenced by the situation or environment in which a participant is. Fairclough contends that everydiscourse instance has three dimensions: 1. Or it is part of social action, and in some cases, virtually the whole of it.

      The production of text draws itsmeanings from the social practice and vice versa. Thus the ethnographical practice also dealswith the text within the context of interaction as a part of social action. The production of thistype of new genre is bound to the social production and social conditions of interpreting it.