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I'd recommend this book as a reading challange for any student over the summer holidays. This book should be available in any large bookshop and there are lots of cheap second hand copies on Amazon. Apparently the edition is better than the latest edition in terms of print quality.

Smullyan is an American logician who has published 15 or so popular science logic books. I've only read the above but found them to be consistantly excellent. Each book consists of puzzles followed by discussion and Smullyan is brilliant at teaching difficult logic concepts using puzzles which gradually require more and more cunning. Artificial Intelligence Douglas R.

The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene | Penguin Random House Audio

It's an excellent collection and includes classic papers by Alan Turing and John Searle. There's also various papers and thought experiments included which wouldn't look out of place in the weirdest science fiction. After completing the first year of my degree, I was given this to read over summer in preparation for a second year module on philosophy - it almost made me look forward to the end of the holidays.

There are a lot of very cheap second hand copies of this book on Amazon and our Main Library has a copy at B During this time, the Parthians were defeated, a civil war was crushed, the Germanic tribes pushed further and further into the empire and Aurelius battled the Marcomanni, Quadi, and Sarmatians.

In addition to all this, Aurelius is regarded as one of the most important stoic philosophers and his meditations were personal thoughts on ethics, duty and what it means to live a good life. Despite the distance in time, his world view is still very relevant today.

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The Fabric of Reality Summary

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. See: " The Time Train ". We need to understand that this separation, while necessary and purposeful, is temporary and to some extent illusory, as the Universe is in fact a wholly connected unity in time and space, and is constantly evolving toward a more perfect realization of that central fact. We are all immortal in history; while the Universe lives, we live. We live in the separate, manifest world of the weak force, the temporal "hell" of the physical realm, but we remember with longing an earlier time of unity, when we were but a potential for experience in the womb of the Universe.

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It is to this condition of unity "enlightenment" we hope to return, not as infants, but as adults, creative in our own right, illumined by spiritual awareness, and with a more complete understanding of reality. The interaction of two energy states or two conservation domains is a fundamental and recurring theme in Nature and our model space vs time, strong force vs weak force, light vs matter.

The intersection of a symmetric with an asymmetric conservation domain is necessary to bring any system into manifestation. The interaction or intersection of the symmetric spiritual domain with the asymmetric physical domain is the fundamental symbolism of the Christian Cross. Such an interaction is possible only if the conservation rules of both domains are respected.

Hence the death of Christ on the cross symbolizes a necessary obedience by spirit to the rules of the physical domain; the Resurrection follows as a compensating obedience to the rules of the spiritual domain.

The Fabric of Reality: The Science of Parallel Universes--and Its Implications

Christ's physical mortality, like our own, is the price spirit must pay to interact with the physical world. Whether or not you believe this story in its literal and religious sense, it is symbolically correct, rationally and intuitively, which is why it has endured. Astrology is a General Systems model of the human condition.

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  • What is unusual about astrology is that it models humanity in terms of a cosmological astronomical system. Astrology makes a fractal or General Systems statement about the relationship of humanity to the Universe: if we understand one, we understand the other; at the least, they are iterations of the same 4x3 fractal algorithm. The constellations, stars, and planets visible to the naked eye in essence, the Milky Way galaxy , were the full extent of the Universe known at the time astrology originated, at least 4, years ago.

    In terms of its historical origins, Astrology is a mixture of a rational and an intuitive model as it is based on astronomical observations and was just as universal in its intended scope as our present day Unified Field Theory. The ancients wanted more from their rational model than simply the ability to predict planetary positions, eclipses, and seasonal changes; they wanted human meaning from it as well. I am asking the same from our modern Unified Field model: what is the meaning of our modern cosmological system for humanity?

    What does it say about our fundamental questions? What can we learn from it about ourselves and the "human condition"? The ancients essentially compared humanity to our galaxy, which was their observable Universe; we are extending this comparison to the limits of the Universe as we know it today in terms of fundamental physical principles as well as cosmological observations.

    If Man, galaxy, and Universe are all iterations of the same fractal, the comparison should remain valid.

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    A test of this hypothesis is provided by mapping the ancient system on top of the modern, and seeing if there is a significant convergence of meaning. In this way we compare the thought of two kinds of genius - the intuitive genius of the ancients, and the rational genius of the modern world. The "heavy lifting" in both camps has already been done. Our contribution must be that of aligning the two systems correctly and interpreting the results with skill and sensitivity.

    The astrological system can be represented as a 4x3 matrix of 3 "Qualities" vertically mapped against 4 horizontal "Elements". Again we see a symmetric, general, or spiritual domain the 3 Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable intersecting or interacting with a more asymmetric, specific, physical domain the 4 Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Seen also as global vs local gauge symmetry. As the modeler, I have to decide how to assign the astrological attributes to the physical matrix, that is, choose the appropriate correspondences between the two systems.

    On the vertical axis I pair "Mutable" with Energy, since energy is changeable but conserved, taking many forms; "Cardinal" corresponds to symmetry and charge conservation, the principle which translates Law symmetry conservation into matter charge conservation ; "Fixed" corresponds to manifestation, therefore to particles and matter.