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Most Christmas tree aficionados know instinctively that the life blood of a cut tree is water. We all know that the first thing a responsible tree dweeb should do when a new tree is dragged home in the back of the family Waggoneer is to make a fresh cut and plunge the base in a bucket of water. Once transferred to the tree stand - and appropriately straightened and re-straightened and turned 37 times - we engage in the daily routine of adding water to the stand to keep the tree well hydrated.

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First of all, most species used for cut trees are northern-adapted conifers. And being adapted to life with Nanook of the North, they have evolved to survive long, frigid winters with limited access to water. Needle foliage is an ingenious adaptation to reduce water loss. The needle shape drastically reduces surface area compared to broad leaf design, resulting in much less water loss over time. In addition, most northern conifer needles are produced with a thick waxy cuticle covering that further reduces water loss through surface cells.

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The best recipe is fresh cut, clean water added daily No fighting, no biting! Why the need to destroy people? Miigwech, Jim. Who is going to fix it?

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