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It was her first dive of the day, and her 12th dive overall during a six-day diving holiday. I was really uncomfortable in the hammock…when I tried to get up, I could not move my legs or wiggle my toes. I had a pins and needles feeling along both legs. The doctor on the island did not identify the problem as decompression illness and simply advised me to rest. Upon returning home to North America a day and a half later, the numbness had not improved, so I sought medical attention and was treated in a decompression chamber.

Diver's pill could fend off the bends

After three sessions in the chamber, the diver has lingering symptoms in her legs. An MRI did not reveal any abnormalities, and the diver continues to dive albeit conservatively. Notes from DAN : Muscular leg weakness after a dive should always be treated as an emergency, and divers should receive a full neurological evaluation, first aid oxygen, and evacuation to the nearest emergency room, where proper steps can be taken to ensure timely treatment and the best possible outcome.

The use of oxygen first aid increases the probability that symptoms will resolve and should be started as soon as possible. In this case, after 45 minutes of breathing oxygen, symptoms improved but did not resolve completely.

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Breathing oxygen for a longer time could have helped. Diver Develops DCS After Getting Lost After a minute wreck dive to 78 feet 24 meters and one hour surface interval, a group of divers made a second dive to 78 feet 24 meters for about 45 minutes.

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The diver on air was the last one to return to the boat. Within 15 minutes of surfacing, he began developing symptoms of decompression sickness DCS. The return trip took just under two hours, and the boat was met at the dock by emergency medical services EMS. The diver was taken to a local hospital. The diver later stated he got lost following a grouper and lost sight of the wreck.

It Happened to Me: Decompression Sickness / The Bends

He reported his computer did not enter decompression mode and he performed a safety stop. Notes from DAN : This dive profile would fall outside the limits of most, if not all, recreational diving table planners but the diver stated his dive computer did not mandate decompression.

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This may have been due to a number of reasons, including multi-level profiles in each dive, or the gas setting in the dive computer. Regardless, the diver suffered what appears to have been DCS.

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The Bends has since earned a reputation as one of the best albums of the s. I prefer early Radiohead , such as The Bends, to their more experimental work. The state of being under the influence of drugs. The term is a metaphor created by Radiohead, comparing the effects of pressure on scuba divers to the effects of drugs on users.

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