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Swimming Lesson Terms & Conditions

Every student is entitled to 1 make-up lesson per term of enrolment plus one for each public holiday that a lesson would normally run. Full details, Make-Up Lesson Policy.

Basic Rules and Regulations of Swimming

Yes, the 25 meter pool is heated to a minimum of 28 degrees and the leisure is heated to around 32 degrees all year round. Infants are required to wear swimwear or aqua nappies that are tight fitting around the thighs. Standard nappies are not permitted in the pool. Aqua nappies are available for purchase at Reception.

Please be aware that it is common for children at this age to have difficulty adjusting to swimming lessons. Most children will settle within a few weeks, however we do encourage parents to bring bathers along during this time in case your child requires additional support. Bathers, towel, goggles and also dry clothes to change into after their session as well as a snack and a drink — and a beanie to keep their heads warm during the winter.

Most children who do not wear goggles close their eyes as they swim. This can lead to them becoming disorientated or preoccupied which makes them unable to focus on their stroke technique. We offer a great range of affordable youth goggles, just ask Customer Service for assistance. Goggles are not a compulsory part of our program, however we highly recommend children gaining experience both with and without goggles. In all other swimming lesson classes, parents are still expected to abide by Watch Around Water with constant supervision of their children under All teachers that teach infant or disability lessons hold additional specialised qualifications.

Swimming at the Olympic Games

The YMCA welcomes the capturing of your magic moments on camera or video, however privacy of others must be respected. The pool is surrounded by a hard surface called a deck. When you swim from one end of a pool to the other, the distance is commonly called a lap, although a lap also can be be used to mean the down-and-back distance that is twice the length of the pool.

When swimming, someone might assign you to a specific lane; these lanes often are numbered. Your lane is your designated swimming area. The lanes are separated by lane lines, or floating markers attached to cables. These lines help calm the waves stirred up by swimmers.


Swimming Terminology | Wandering Swimmer

Flags are triangular banners featuring two or more colors and hanging down over the lanes on lines. Backstroke flags are placed at the end of each lane to let swimmers performing the backstroke -- who have limited visibility -- know that they are approaching the wall.

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From the backstroke, which is performed lying on your back, to the breaststroke, in which you keep your body on your breast, swimming features numerous terms for various swim strokes. The freestyle, or crawl, is the most common stroke, which you perform on your stomach while alternating your arms and using a flutter kick. Other common terms include diving, a method of entering the water by jumping in head first.

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