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Much to his mother's shock and fury, at his school appeal meeting, Matt tells his principal that he wants to transfer to the alternative school with Francesca. He tries to explain to his mother that he feels obligated to go and that he will now be able to get a job to help pay the bills. Matt gets a job at a pizza parlor, but tensions in the family still continue to increase. Matt excels at his job, even though his boss forces him to work later than is legally allowed.

Though he gives all of his earnings to his parents, the bills remain high, so Matt starts selling his video games to make extra money. Quickly noticing how tired he is, Matt's mother demands that he keep some of his wages for emergencies and allow her to bring him to and from work every day.

She tells Matt how proud she is of him for the way he has acted since Francesca became pregnant.

Characters: The Book Thief (and Friends)

Closer to Francesca's due date , the Howells and Freemans meet with a lawyer, who asks Matt and Francesca to sign papers agreeing to surrender the baby to an adoption agency. The lawyer explains that the child's birth certificate will be re-issued to show only the adoptive parents, with no mention of any adoption. Matt, who has been struggling with placing his child, reluctantly signs the paper.

One night, when Matt catches his mother looking through his baby book, he admits that he can't stand knowing that he will never see any pictures of - or even know - his baby. Matt's mother understands and asks Dan if he would consider helping Matt raise the baby. Dan is hesitant, saying that the family made a decision and they would have to stick with it. Meanwhile, Susan and Dan mend relations with Alex and apologize for making her feel like a loser because her dreams and goals differ from their intended plans for her.

In mid-June, Dr. Howell calls the Freemans to tell them Francesca is going into labor. Dan warns Susan not to go with Matt to the hospital because they'll both get too attached to the baby, but Susan and Matt go anyway. At the hospital, Dr. Howell explains, rather rudely, that Francesca gave birth to a baby girl and didn't want to hold the baby.

He tells them the baby is in the nursery and will remain there until she is given to her adoptive parents.

When Death Brings Out the Worst: Family Fighting After a Death

Susan and Matt go to the nursery to see her, and Matt immediately falls in love with the baby. Howell is furious to see Matt holding the baby since Matt has technically signed away his parental rights. Susan tells Dr.

Arizona woman, 27, marries best friend's dad, 54, and now they all vacation together

Howell that Matt has every right to see his baby and reminds him that the adoption won't be final for six months. Back at the house, Alex convinces her father to go with her to the hospital to see the baby. With the family all together at the nursery, Matt begs his parents to let him keep his daughter, and both agree without hesitation. Matt goes back to the lawyer and gets his parental rights returned. He names his new daughter Genevieve and brings her home, where she receives a warm welcome from Susan, Dan, Alex, and Blair. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

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Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Dad asked if it was serious between us two, and my mind flashed back to my embarrassing attempt to seduce him into my bed the previous night I was feeling very unsure that day so I told Dad it wasn't really that serious yet. Over the next few weeks we all spent more time together than usual, and eventually it got to the point where it was just Dad and Rob spending time together without me.

Rob was coming over to my place less and less, and we starting only seeing each other about once a week. At first Rob would enthusiastically tell me every detail of the time he had spent with my dad- but after a while whenever I asked what they'd gotten up to the day before, he would go quiet and try and change the subject.

It was weird and eventually I checked his phone and found a whole bunch of messages from my Dad saying things like 'I know I only saw you this morning, but I already miss you'. At the age of 12, after my first menstruation period, I dared my mother for a woman-to-woman chat. Is it that you expected a boy and you got me? Did dad rape you on the night you conceived me," I recited what I had been coached by my peers.

She insisted she loved me but her actions continued to be different. Then, my hips started growing and I was turning into a pretty woman. I often caught my dad stealing glances at me especially at the dining table.

'It's torture having a father who flirts with your friends' says SHONA SIBARY

I didn't know about man-to -woman love then and it's much later I that I realised my dad had fallen in love with me long before I knew it. My mother cautioned me against men generally and talked ill about all of them.

But dad was and is still different from all the men I have ever met. He's charming, caring, listening and willing to understand. I can describe my dad as my father, my friend, counselor and my lover. No man can match him!

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As a little girl, I could see jealousy written all over my mother's face and at some point I started enjoying it. I would sit on dad's lap and wrap my little hands around his neck just to provoke her. She'd make a face but not at any time did she ever stop me. Maybe if she had talked to me about incest then, things would be different today. So he left you? I can't narrate the joy of being alone for a whole week with a person who loved me dearly and away from my mother's quarrels.

A nice hotel in Jo'burg was my birthday place.

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I had a nice spacious room all to myself and dad's room was opposite mine. On the second night he came to my room and without any preambles he held me tightly and gave me a long deep kiss on the lips. I felt a sense of belonging and a very special attachment to him. That is the night I gave my virginity to my dad. That night we discussed many things and he told me that he wouldn't mind telling the world that he loved me were it not for societal outlook.

We'd keep it secret though sitting on his lap and him hugging me and kissing my forehead or cheek would continue. I left Jo'burg with many presents but above all, feeling gratified that I had been ushered into adulthood by a man who loved me and whom I loved. Our love blossomed by the day and we'd go out many times. He'd pick me from boarding school and we'd spend the afternoon together.

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The world knew dad loved me but perhaps their interpretation was different. This continued until I joined university. At the University I could see my peers with their little boyfriends and at some point I thought I would give it a try. I got myself a boyfriend but the relationship lasted barelya week.

My relationship with dad is mature.