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Mutegi Atieno is sho Author: Charlie Richards. Series: Kontra's Menagerie 1.

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Catlin's Appaloosa Detective Catlin Hill doesn't understand the instant, possessive attraction he feels for the Series: Kontra's Menagerie 2. Hope for a Buffalo On the road: A picture could be worth a thousand words, or it could be his salvation.

The ha Series: Kontra's Menagerie 3. He could end up important to you. But hope burned eternal, and Haben kept searching the world.

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Vail, the resident playboy, had commented about never fucking an African American. Haben had shot the wolf shifter down and none too gently. Fortunately, the rest of the guys had laughed, and after a startled few seconds, Vail had joined in. After that, everyone had shifted and gone for a run. After looking around the rest stop, he stood up and stretched while eying Terence.

You can find a motel to hole up in or a bar or whatever. One of their old gang members had headed off for what was supposed to be only a couple days detour to visit his sister for a while. Kontra had ordered everyone to travel in pairs wherever possible from then on. Terence held his gaze for a few seconds before smirking. He strode back to his bike. After giving his fellow biker a nod, Haben led the way out of the rest stop parking area and back onto the road. The miles disappeared quickly under the wheels of his motorcycle. The green grass and rivers made for pleasant scenery.

Soon he spotted a sign for Salina. It was still hard for Haben to wrap his mind around the fact that his human friend was nearing the end of his life. Terence lifted a light brown brow in question, and Haben shrugged. Terence grunted his acknowledgement and locked his saddlebags. Haben led the way down the street, checking street numbers as he went, and stopped in front of a brownstone turned office building. The red brickwork was still in decent shape, the windows were clean, none of them boarded, and everything that needed paint had a fresh coat of dark green.

Inhaling, Haben realized he could still smell the acrid scent of the paint, telling him it had been done within the week. He gripped the door handle, pressed the thumb lever, and pushed. Terence followed him up the stairs in the foyer to the second level. Smiling, he strode to the door and knocked. He glanced around the room, took in the empty reception desk and the open door in the back, and headed that way. Stopping in the doorway, his heart constricted as he took in his old friend.

Wesley stood and grabbed a cane in one bony hand, looking every one of his seventy-two-years. His thin gray hair was cut short, showing off his bald head. The human limped around the desk, his free hand outstretched.

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You made it. Pulling away, he nodded and let his old lover go. He was right. Stepping back, Haben relegated the past to just that, his past. He held out his hand to Terence. Haben chuckled. He winked at Terence and moved around his desk. That had Wesley pausing, a far-away expression crossing his face. Wesley laughed, knowing he meant no offense. Wesley winked. They had a kid together.

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She thought it was fully human, so gave away all rights at birth. I have no idea how his mother found out, but Vivian wants Damon back.

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Lions are pretty uniform. Terence shook his head and leaned close. Terence grinned at the old man. I shifted when I was fifteen. Haben cleared his throat. Lou Reynolds has been guardian over that boy for five years now. This could spell trouble.