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They are more super than Mario. Eagle of the Ninth Rosemary Sutcliff Find collectable copies Find all copies This adventure written for children set in Roman Britain left an indelible mark on my childhood. Rather like Kipling looking at the British living among the Indians, Sutcliff describes the Romans living among the barbarian British. The glory of Rome is far away.

Moonfleet J. Every visit to Dorset in my summer holidays inspired me to re-read this book and every seaside pub looked like a haven for contraband.

The Thirty-Nine steps

The hero is year-old orphan John Trenchard, who tangles with a gang of smugglers and their desperate quest for a huge diamond. Although young Davie Balfour is the main protagonist, I always loved the character of Alan Breck Stewart - the Scottish resistance fighter who really existed. Set in , the plot focuses on the murder of Colin Campbell. A sequel, Catriona , was penned in Rider Haggard Find collectable copies Find all copies I loved this story because it took me to faraway places.

Allan Quatermain a wonderful name leads some adventurers deep into an unexplored region of Africa. In the s, an undiscovered region sounded quite feasible to me - in , it was very feasible. The book sparked of a flurry of Africa-based adventure tales. Haggard wrote the story very quickly after someone challenged him to write something as good as Treasure Island. Set in , the Great War is just days away and spies are on every corner. Forester is famous for his eternally popular Hornblower books but The Gun deserves to be reloaded. This is a romance I hear you say. Only first editions were printed.

Seventeenth century Somerset, famed for cider, and Devon, famed for cream teas, are portrayed as rural, rough and lawless.

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Sort of like Tombstone with thatched cottages. This enchanting adventure tells the story of Donald, a boy spending his summer holidays in the Canadian countryside. John Buchan knew that some Indians were said to have the power of projecting happenings of long ago onto a piece of calm water. In th The story is set in a country house, where guests are enabled by an eccentric scientist to see a glimpse of their futures.

Classic Adventure Stories

An entertaining read Buchan skillfully weaves the story of young clerk Peter Pentecost, who has a claim to the throne, and a tale of intrigue against King Henry VIII, where 'under the blanket of the dark all men are alike and all are nameless'. Buchan's description of th The strong and silent type, combining the dour temperament of the Scot with It involved Kaiser Wilhelm declaring himself a convert to Islam, a leader of "jihad," as a tactic for winning the suppo Welcome to a special edition of a renowned classic.

This classic, difficult-to-find text has been reprinted using a print-on-demand service to provide you with an updated version of the text, at the best value possible! Several edits have been made f A long-forgotten promise made by Richard Hannay finds him honour-bound to resolve a violent vendetta in which the lives of a young father and his daughter are in danger from unscrupulous and desperate men. Hannay sets out on a high-octane chase from Buchan showed the way. His pace and drive always spelled adventure, always writ large' - Graham Greene. Published near the beginning of World War I The Thirty-Nine Steps is one of the earliest examples of the man-on-the-run thriller archetype in which the author, John Buchan, holds up Richard Hannay as an example to his readers of an ordinary man who p When Anthony Lammas, minister of the Kirk and Professor of Logic at St Andrews University, leaves his home town for London on business, he little imagines that within two days he will be deeply entangled in a web of mystery and intrigue.

But he's no In 'The Strange Adventures of Mr Andrew Hawthorn' and the other stories in this collection, peculiar worlds of temptation, adventure or iniquity are perilously close at hand.

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Mr Hawthorn himself steps outside to allow his porridge to cool and disappe Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and In the mid-sixteenth century, Jean de Rohaine, a middle-aged French nobleman, journeys to Scotland in search of adventure and a new beginning.

In Scotland he meets up with his old friend, Quentin Kennedy, who informs him of a great battle to be waged Young Englishwoman Kore Arabin has inherited a remote Greek island from her father. The superstitious islanders blame Kore for every mishap and natural disaster.

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Sir Edward Leithen and Vernon Milburne must save her before the islanders sacrifice her Sick Heart River turns the adventure yarn into a spiritual quest with an authority that few have ever rivalled. It was Supernatural Buchan - Stories of Ancient Spirits uncanny places and strange creatures. Buchan's stories of solid characters clad in tweeds and braving all odds armed only with a stout walking stick have become popular classics. Today he is best remembered as the author of his perennially popular adventure novels.

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