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My inventions. Nikola Tesla — electrical genius. Some personal recollections. Tesla, p. Budapest, , old. Presented in articles, letters, documents. Joseph Henry — America's Faraday. Elihu Thomson beloved scientist. Boston, , p. Houston E.

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Phenomena of induction. Wetzler J. The electric motor. New York, , p. The diary and sundry observations. Fashions in engineering. Zur Geschichte des Drehstromes. Rotazione elettrodinamiche prodotte per mezzo di correnti alternate. Reasons for the use of the three phase current in the Lauffen-Francfort transmission. Alternating current versus direct current.

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Vom Hirten zum Erfinder. Leipzig, , S. Crookes W. Some possibilities in electricity. Tribute, p. The inventions, research and writings of Nikola Tesla with special reference to his work in polyphase currents and high potential lighting. It can be observed that along with the economic, political, social and cultural history, scientific categories are also actively introduced such categories as the history of everyday life, social stratification, the study of mentalities and the spiritual component. The Victorian era in England was marked by significant changes in the economic, political, cultural and social spheres of society: the empire became the most economically developed and richest country in the world; the political rights of British citizens expanded; the parliamentary system was improved; working and social legislation was created; the role of women in society has changed.

Becoming a recognized world leader, England set the tone for the modernization of other countries, including Russia. Russian contemporaries were actively interested in the transformations that took place in it, traveled to England, shared their impressions with their compatriots. The increased attention to the events that took place in England was explained by the problems that were put forward in those years by Russian reality. For a certain part of Russian society, England represented a kind of ideal of a properly organized state. The title for the notes was a statement by Jan Kuchazewski Both the author and his monumental work remain almost unknown to us, and in fact we are talking about the most, perhaps, vast its volume exceeds pages work on Russia, created by a foreign writer in the 20th century.

Having named his work at the publication of the first volume in "From white tsarism to red", Jan Kuchazewski even in the seventh, last, volume, published in , did not change this name, which contained the main thesis of the whole work1.

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The book by J. Kuchazewski, left unfinished, was published under the patronage of Kassa named after Jozef Mianowski. However, the political component, and therefore the justification of a certain program of action, will always be present in his historical texts. The fame of Kuchazewski as a historian and publicist, quite predictably revived in Poland in the last two decades, was much stronger and more stable. The Subcarpathian Ruthenia Rus was the most peaceful non-magyar territory of Hungary. The development of their national consciousness was at a very low level.

Rusins identified themselves primarily on the basis of the religious principle.

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Seton-Watson wrote the following: " Rusins are people of undefined nationality, related to the Ukrainians of Western Galicia"2. The notions of "Ukraine", "Ukrainian" were vague and alien to them, about Russia the Rusins had obscure idea, they called almost all of its inhabitants - Moscals". In addition, all public attention was focused on the process of national revival of the Rusins of Galicia, so the Hungarian Rusins were on the periphery of the intellectual space of Russia. In both domestic and foreign historiography, the relations between the two great European powers — Russia and Austria-Hungary were studied mainly in the context of diplomatic history.

At the same time, other aspects of bilateral relations, especially socio-economic ones, remained on the periphery of research. Moreover, due to the interest of researchers in foreign policy issues, the relations between the two countries were considered only from the point of view of the confrontation between the two empires, while the existing relations of cooperation and interaction on various issues remained in deep shadow.

Meanwhile, the trade and economic cooperation between Russia and the Hapsburg monarchy, despite all the complexities of their political relations, has developed very successfully. This was facilitated by the following factors: the geographical location of the two neighboring countries, the presence of a developed system of transport and other communications, intensive processes of cross - border migration, the existence of close political interaction between the two empires, the development of public relations and intercultural dialogue between their peoples and, finally, the intensive social and economic development of the two countries, which created the prerequisites for their active participation in international trade.

Modern Russian historiography shows a lively and understandable interest in the problems of the formation of democratic regimes.

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In this regard, we study the rich experience of Western countries, we mean the experience of the German history of the Weimar period, when the first attempt was made to create a truly democratic system on German soil. Particularly important is the study of the constructive democratic experience of the Weimar Republic, its achievements. After all, it was Weimar democracy, the first republic in the history of Germany, which became the basis, the foundation of the second, the Bonn republic — the republic with an entrenched and prosperous democracy. It would be quite legitimate to talk about the continuity of the first and second republics in the history of Germany.

The functional support of parliamentary democracy in the Weimar Republic was the coalition system of power. The practice of coalition actions, the readiness of political parties for serious compromises, the opportunity to sacrifice party principles for solving national problems became a valuable experience of the Weimar democracy.

Tomas Garrigue Masaryk is undoubtedly the central figure of Czechoslovak history in the 20th century. He was able to gain recognition as a writer, as a philosopher, as a sociologist and as a politician. The name of this Professor of philosophy at Charles University in Prague became known in political circles in the 80s of the XIX century. Being the author of a number of books on philosophy, sociology, history and becoming one of the prominent Czech ideologists, Masaryk was also a politician-practitioner.

As a result, it was in the political sphere that his merits received the highest rating. Masaryk entered the world history, first of all, as one of the founders of independent Czechoslovakia and the first President of the Czechoslovak Republic. He held this post from to and resigned at the age of 85 for health reasons, becoming a symbol of independence and democracy for his fellow citizens. But he became world famous not only for his bright political career, but also for his scientific activities. At the beginning of the XX century Masaryk in the eyes of his contemporaries was the largest expert in the field of Slavic problems.

Condition: VG. Some chips, tears and soiling to dj. More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. First Edition? Writing and underlining throughout, owner inscription, sale sticker on front cover. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. First edition. Lacks jacket, small tear to inner front board, minimal pencil underlining. An engaging literary criticism of the controversial French novelist and thinker. Condition: Very Good Minus. Dell book A retrospective anthology from The Laurel Language Library-French Series, with critical and biographical introductions, notes, chronology of the author's life and works.

Written in French. Wear at edges, lightly rubbed, light interior browning. From: Webster's Bookstore Cafe, Inc. State College, PA, U. Occasional light pencil notations, top edge lightly foxed, else a clean, tight copy.

VG tight clean w a few underlines. Depicts the essential distinctions in the ature of the commitment of two of the most influential thinkers of 20th century.

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David McKay, New York. A very good hardback copy in dust jacket with lightly sunned spine.

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Light foxing to top fore edge.