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It is a Spanish learner book, which like the other reviewer points out, has English footnotes and questions after each chapter for reading comprehension. This is NOT a useful copy for a more advanced student in Spanish.

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The book itself is full of and other symbols, making it very annoying to read. I do not recommend this version or e-book. July 5, - Published on Amazon. I was introduced to 'Platero y Yo' as a teen in El Salvador. It was seen as a children's book by the adults around me who were also coaching me in my Spanish. I recall that the cover was illustrated as many children's books are with lots of color and obvious appeal to kids.

But when you really get down to reading it you find it is a most adult book. Juan Ramon uses the theme of the pet donkey 'Platero' to explore almost every avenue of life, death and everything in between in concise poetic chapters Juan Ramon Jimenez was a Nobel Prize winning poet, Platero becomes a kind of counterpoint while the narrator observes all the life around him; in the process Platero grows in personality and life and your affection for him begins to meld with the author's.

Read it in Spanish and your vocabulary will leap to higher stage. There is also a fine English translation Platero and I in a Singet classic edition. A wonderful book on all levels. February 6, - Published on Amazon.

By continuing to browse the site you accept our Cookie Policy, you can change your settings at any time. German for Beginners - Usborne Internet-Linked. French for Beginners - Usborne Internet-Linked. Spanish for Beginners - Usborne Internet-Linked. Be the first to review this product. Platero Y Yo is one of the all time classics of Spanish literature. Simple, lyrical and inspired, Platero Y Yo is the ideal story for students keen to read their first book in Spanish. Only registered users can write reviews.

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