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The small business owners there, welcome revitalization and they are looking forward to having new customers living right in the neighborhood. As a member of the original Arlandria Work Group, I can vouch for the fact that this project has been in the making for a long time so there has been ample opportunity for members of the community to learn about the plan. Citizens like myself and organizations like DRBA need to be able to count on the fact that if we work together with the City, and if plans are made, that those plans will at some point be realized if the economic climate permits.

All those years of planning, negotiating, resolving issues and coming to agreement should not be thrown out the window. Mayor, Mr. I moved to Arlandria with my family in , attracted by the promise of a vibrant, eclectic neighborhood with such close proximity to Washington DC.

I watched with hope as the Datatel building came down, excited about the Comments: prospect of additional retail and eateries. I waited with anticipation for the comprehensive plan for the revitalization of the Arlandria area to be implemented. And I continue to wait, along with my fellow residents of Arlandria, for the City to make good on its promise to improve the Four Mile Run Park.

This plan, developed with input from community members throughout the neighborhood, offers useable open space, additional 1. Please, please, please support this plan. It's the best hope for Arlandria. Respectfully, Nathalie Simon Elbert Avenue. I watched with hope as the Datatel building came down, excited about the prospect of additional retail and eateries.

This plan, developed with input from community members throughout the neighborhood, offers useable open space, additional housing for our incomeconstrained population, in a mixed use environment that is sorely needed in our area. This issue relates to the City council vote for this Saturday Please do what ever our city can to move this initiative forward.

We need mixed use in Arlandria - other parts Comments: of the city are truly mixed in nature, however, the Arlandria section has more subsidized housing than any other area of the city.

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We want diversity, and we need housing that helps people step up to affordable housing when they are ready. We need a variety of merchants and social venues that a broad range of residents can take advantage of. Thanks for the votes. Vernon Village Center I write in support of the Mt. Vernon Village Center redevelopment. Vernon Village Center is near. It follows the Design Guidelines, for example, and relates well to the adjacent Four Mile Run Park immediately behind the property. This proposal will also improve the streetscape and the appearance of the neighborhood. Thank you, Neal Sigmon.

Vernon Avenue ATT Arlandria Center, LLC has created a design that addresses the key issues in our neighborhood. It leads the way by making a positive change to the built environment and addresses the perception of crime by adding eyes on the street - where Comments: increased vitality becomes a deterrent to crime. This current development application addresses many of the design goals of the Arlandria plan, proposing a mixed used property consisting of two multi-family residential buildings that maintain the 50, sq.

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Parking would be underground or buried within the building at grade. The property also improves access to and increases visibility of Four Mile Run Park. The Mt. The median age of housing stock within one mile of the project is 55 years old; within 5 miles: 44 years old. The development would also provide the city-code required underground parking spaces.

The project remains open to utilizing some parking spaces for other subsequent developments if the opportunity presents itself. And the proposal includes a phased approach, retaining as much existing retail as possible during construction. MOM'S and CVS, for instance, could continue to operate if they choose on the northern portion of site while the southern portion is built. The building would be set back back 40 feet from Mt Vernon Avenue for pedestrian plaza space and will be pulled back 5 additional feet on Bruce Street to create better access to Four Mile Run Park and better vehicular access to stores and residences.

The development would also improve the quantity and quality of stormwater runoff from the site. The primary entrance to the residential portion of the parking garage would be through the center courtyard aligned across from Russell Road and the developer would rebuild that intersection and the southern entrance to the property for better automobile access than exists today. The development conforms to all of the standards set out in terms of bulk, set back and open space, but needs to be 7 additional feet tall in the center of the building to achieve the scale need to accommodate 28 units of affordable housing throughout the property.

To help accomplish that, the developer would also install new bus shelters with real-time bus arrival data and would also install on-site bicycle amenities, including a Capital Bikeshare station. In the future, the development would be required to partner with other property owners to create a Transportation Management District to make further improvements to.

A little mentioned project attribute is that it also meets the design guidelines from the Four Mile Run Restoration Plan.

Thank you for you consideration and I hope you'll vote to support this redevelopment proposal. Vernon Village Center redevelopment Yes. Please notify the council of our support.

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Vernon Village Center redevelopment Dear Mr. To clarify a minor point, the Planning Commission recommended this project for approval on Tuesday, December 6,, and it will go before the City Council on Saturday, December 17, have cc'd Jackie Henderson, who coordinates the public input for the Council on this. If you intend for this to go to the Council, please just send her a brief noting that change. As voters, homeowners, and young professionals who have recently relocated to Alexandria, this is the sort of redevelopment that would encourage us to remain in the community and contribute to the City's future tax base.

Please continue to push forward with redevelopment and revitalization of the Arlandria neighborhood. Alexandria, VA One of the principal strengths of this area is the diversity of its citizens. In my area code , the latest census statistics show that roughly a third of citizens are white, a third are latino, and a third are black.

This is a wonderful mix of different backgrounds that could only be improved with even more diversity. The proposed development has the potential to severly disrupt this balance by gentrifying the neighborhood, raising rents, and driving out low income occupants. Accordingly, please examine very carefully the potential negative impact on the citizens, neighborhood, and community of business owners that this prospective project may bring about.

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Thank you for your consideration and service. I have copied Mr. Thank you! ACBA is a non-profit corporation, whose members are business and property owners, professionals, and representatives having a common interest to promote and improve the visibility and economic well-being of the Arlandria-Chirilagua business community.

ACBA recognizes that every project has positives and negatives, but we believe that this project's overall impact to the business community and the Arlandria neighborhood will be very positive. The basis for our decision is as follows: 1. The Mount Vernon Village Center proposal meets the criteria set forth in the City of Alexandria's action plan for the Arlandria neighborhood. The plan indicates the need for the creation of a new retail zone in Arlandria and this project is a good first step.

The developers have made a commitment to ACBA that they will communicate any available options to relocate into the new project to all businesses currently located onsite who are faced with displacement. Their plan is to finalize space requirements and lease agreements for the two largest tenants before additional commitments can be made for smaller retail spaces. The available square footage for retail tenants remains essentially the same in the redeveloped project. The first part of this lesson consists in this audio lesson, and then we have some grammar for you.

Gonzalez, M.

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H Tel. Aplicar el verbo modal might en ejercicios de escritura. Contenidos 1. Verbo modal might. Debo saber - Verbos. The following is an explanation of the procedures for calling a special meeting of the shareholders. Enclosed are copies of documents, which you can use for your meeting. If you have any questions about.

Please read the information from. It s great to see you again! It s time to learn how to make a timeline to talk about past events of our lives in a sequential manner. Let s begin! Fitzpatrick, Assistant Deputy Commissioner.