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October 28, Guest Preacher: Rev.

October 21, Marinated in Blood. October 07, Marinated in Masculine Entitlement. September 30, Rich people listen up. September 16, Watching our words. September 9, James … duh … Blunt. September 2, Singing Sexuality. August 26, Chosen to choose to be vulnerable. August 12, Angels of Depression [1 Kings ; John , ]. July 01, Lament: Speech that pushes and holds at the same time. June 17, Angles of Interpretation [Ezekiel ; 2 Corinthians ; Mark ]. May 20, Surrender to receive the Spirit [Acts ; Romans ]. May 06, Love [1 John ; John ]. March 30, Grandma sends her love. March 25, From the corridors of our hearts to the streets of society and back again [Philippians 2; Mark ].

March 18, We want to see Jesus [John ]. March 04, Anger is love asking to be seen.

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He also poured out the coins of the money-changers and overturned their tables. February 25, Beautiful ordinariness. February 18, The hope of repentance. January 28, Getting to the source of the water crisis. January 14, Relief and Regret. Feel the Tension. January 07, By the Waters of Baptism. December 31, Forget. Do Both.

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November 05, We got through the sea — we can get through the river. October 08, Check your God is groan-listening, chain-breaking and ocean-splitting [Exodus ; Matthew ].

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October 01, We are what we do. But we can do differently. September 24, Reading scripture with our self-centered gravitational pull in check. September 17, Is God Violent or Forgiving? September 3, Joseph Revisited [Genesis ]. August 13, Family Favourites [Genesis 37…].

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  5. August 6, In therapy with Jacob [Genesis ]. June 25, Guest Preacher: Rev. June 20, The Promise Note [Genesis ]. April 23, Resurrection Relay [Acts a, ; John ]. April 16, Easter Sunday [Acts ; Matthew ]. March 26, It is in being seen that we see [John 9]. March 19, Living Water from a Stranger [John ].

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    5. March 05, Facing the Devil [Matthew ]. February 26, The Gift of Ignorance [Matthew ]. December 25, Christmas Day — The Messiah is among you. December 18, Christmas — Feel the Feeling [Psalm 80]. Auden: September 1, October 02, Guest Preacher: Rev. September 11, Hard-hearted — Broken-hearted — Arrogant-hearted [1 Timothy ; Luke ].

      August 28, Jesus was a nuisance — not nice. August 21, Liberated from a Crippling Spirit.

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      July 31, Ending poverty? Entrenching poverty? July 03, Victory in Surrender [2 Kings ]. May 15, Life and Death Wisdom. April 24, God Sent Visitors [Acts ]. The sermon is translated into Xhosa because at the moment over people are living in the Church — seeking justice from Parliament for the non-payment of their pensions.

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      Note: The first minute or so of the sermon is missing. I was comparing Acts 9, the raising of Dorcas from the dead which takes only 6 verses, to the story of Peter and Cornelius that is 66 verses altogether saying it seems it is quicker for a dead person to be raised from the dead than for a person to be resurrected from their prejudice. April 03, Resurrection Reverberations [Acts ; John ]. March 13, Courageous Anointing and Unintended Consequences.

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      February 28, What Suffering Demands — A response. February 14, Rivers and Wildernesses joined at the hip [Luke ]. February 07, Mountains and Valleys joined at the hip [Luke ]. January 10, Guest Preacher: Rev. November 15, I set Life and Death before you. Choose Life.

      Jesus Loves You - Isaiah 12:1-Jeremiah 25:38 (Paperback)

      October 25, BlindLivesMatter. October 11, Pierced and Laid Bare by the Word. September 13, Listening to the heavens. August 30, Give us weak eyes. August 23, Lord, to whom can we go? July 26, Power and Love. July 05, My original love is sufficient for you. June 28, Courageous Compassion. June 07, Give us courage to follow Jesus. May 24, What do we see when we see each other? May 10, Give me Joy [1 John ; John ]. April 05, Jesus is seldom where we expect him to be.

      April 03, The Cross as a clash of identities and realities. March 29, Action rooted in contemplation. March 22, A prayer for God, rather than a prayer to God. March 15, Embracing our Shadow. February 22, Emerging Psalms. February 15, On a high mountain with Jesus. February 08, The Miracle of not doing a Miracle.

      February 01, Covenant Service.