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More suited for smaller garden plots. Top hybrid performing varieties with great disease resistance. A selection of Heirloom and Old-Fashioned Varieties. Many different colours, shapes and sizes but ultimately chosen for their taste.

How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots

Productivity may vary depending on weather conditions. Here are a couple of tips to effectively trim and maintain a hedge. Learn how to build a raised garden bed with this guide from Bunnings Warehouse. We can show you how to improve sandy soil to retain more nutrients and water.

Find out how to create one using plants, hedges and walkways. But there are some steps you can take to create an allergy-friendly garden so you can spend more time gardening and less time sneezi Outdoor Living Five D. Here are a few good ideas to get you started.

How to Plant a Tomato

Planters How to choose the right plant pot Pots are a great way to add colour, interest or texture to your outdoor space. Bunnings Greenlife buyer Katie explains the basics of how to grow sunflowers and shares some tips on how to care for them. And, with a little care, they will provide you with lots of colour. Learn how to paint and prepare different surfaces to get the finish y Planters D. The team at Tuscan Path, who have been supplying pots to the Australian marketplace for over 40 years, share some ideas on how Please enable JavaScript to enhance your experience on the Bunnings site.

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How to grow tomatoes. Step 1. Note: Planting should be delayed if the spring season is unusually cold or wet. Step 2.

​​​​​​A quick guide to tomatoes

Successful growing tips Planting The ideal position for tomato plants is in full sun, protected from strong winds. Staking Most tomato plants benefit from staking to encourage fruiting. Feeding Tomatoes require regular feeding. Watering Regular watering is more effective than frequent light sprinkles.

Growing Tomatoes from Seed | Gardener's Supply

Growing in pots Nearly all tomatoes may be grown successfully in pots although the larger varieties need large deep tubs cm with good staking or support. Types of tomatoes Information intended as a guide only. Performance may vary according to local conditions. Simple Foods Simple Foods tomatoes are specially selected varieties chosen for their superior Garden performance. More D. Y Advice.

Also use a new bag of high-quality seed-starting mix. Avoid cheap imitations, which are often the cause of seedling failure. Write variety names on them with waterproof markers, or you can make labels from utility tape. Labels work better than little stakes, which wiggle around amongst the tomato roots and can be accidentally lost.

I learned this one year when a gust wind toppled the table that held dozens of seedlings. Most survived with prompt repotting, but I had to guess which markers went with which tomatoes. Labels work better. The furry coating on tomato seeds softens and gummifies when water is added, which helps the seeds stick in place among soil particles.

The seed coats also release chemicals into the soil that enhance growing conditions for the soon-to-come roots. I use a pump spray bottle to thoroughly moisten the seed starting mix, which can take several hours. When the containers feel heavy with water, I use a pencil eraser to make shallow holes for the seeds, and cover and press them in with my finger.

Then I spritz more water over the top. If you are not sure about the purity of your water, use filtered water that has been allowed to gas off overnight in an open jar. Tomato seeds kept at warm room temperature and sprayed with water twice daily should sprout within a week. As soon as the seedlings break the surface, move them to bright light.

Soon after the first true leaf appears, I move the seedlings to larger paper cups or small plastic pots. Most of them must be potted on again three weeks later. Never touch the main stem of tomato seedlings, because the juicy tissues are easily bruised, and bruises serve as entry points for the fungi that cause seedlings to rot.

The main stem also can be damaged if a seedling falls over, which sometimes happens when a weak-stemmed tomato seedling becomes top-heavy with new leaves. Prevent fall-overs by sprinkling additional seed starting mix around the base of leggy seedlings, and press it in. To further support seedlings until you can repot them, prop up leaners with toothpicks or a wood skewer. Avoid the temptation to plant little tomato seedlings in large containers, which can cause the skimpy roots to become overwhelmed by soil microorganisms.