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Unofficially known as the Portland Rose Garden, the space features more than 10, roses. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world enjoy its sights and scents annually. The garden also offers spectacular views of downtown and Mount Hood. The garden was conceived by Oregon Journal editor Jesse A. Currey in and approved by Portland Parks in It started as a safe haven for hybrid roses grown in Europe during World War I. Flowers began arriving in Portland in and the garden and amphitheater were dedicated in The garden is open daily and admission is free.

The garden has been designed to intrigue, teach and excite children from a very young age about the importance of conservation and the environment.

The Garden - "Egg"

It is scaled specifically for children to create a sense of ownership, care and responsibility for the environment. Please note that the Children's Garden is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays during school terms.

The Idea Garden is open at IUPUI

Groups are therefore not permitted to enter the Children's Garden on Mondays and Tuesdays during school terms. These days are allocated so that the Garden can rest and rehabilitate after a busy weekend. This is a public space, so for safety and hygiene reasons, children must be clothed at all times. It can take as little as ten minutes for your child to suffer sunburn, so:.

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This is a glass-free, alcohol-free and smoke-free area. So step out into the gardens and try these spots to throw down your picnic rug and enjoy the beautiful views:. Victoria's flora and fungi are under increasing threat from climate change, environmental weeds, agriculture, forest clearance and urbanisation.

So Delightful! Winter Garden Returns to The Standard, East Village

Climate change will especially impact on plants restricted to the coldest environments on mountain summits, which are likely to lose their only suitable habitat. We collect millions of high-quality seeds from native plant species within Victoria for long-term storage, research and restoration programs. Our scientists work to maintain biological diversity, including genetic variation, essential for functional ecosystems and the long-term viability of species. Our research helps to identify, document and combat environmental weeds that pose a threat to native ecosystems and biodiversity.

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria plays a leading role in programs to conserve these endangered species in order to stabilise or increase populations in their natural habitat. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is particularly involved in the conservation of native terrestrial orchids. Victoria is a 'hotspot' for orchid diversity, with 23 per cent of Australia's orchid species occurring in just 3 per cent of the land area. Most of the native orchid species found in Victoria are terrestrial, and at least a third occur nowhere else. Botanic gardens throughout the world play a significant role in helping scientists and the public understand the evolution and history of plants, their present day uses as well as what the future may hold for plants in natural environments.

Flora of Today's Garden

Across our two locations at Melbourne and Cranbourne, our experienced horticulture teams manage 45 plant collections as well as a significant area of precious bushland at Cranbourne Gardens. All of our collections feature plant labels which show each plant's scientific name comprised of a genus and species. Learn more. Our horticultural and environmental research is focused on responding to future challenges such as water availability and changing climatic conditions and looking at how these may impact on plant and landscape conservation within the gardens.

At both Cranbourne and Melbourne our land management teams focus on irrigation management, finding alternate water sources, water quality and biodiversity of the lakes system; reducing weeds, protecting plants against pests and diseases and managing soils. We are constantly striving to improve irrigation efficiency, stormwater treatment, lake ecosystems and water quality in the lake system.

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Fairfield, NJ, All Natural Preserved Plants. Our Mission. Sustainable Design.

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Integration Options. We are the only indoor vertical garden supplier having the sustainability credentials as below:. Draper Labs Atrium Planter Inserts. Chaminade High School. Hilton Doubletree Universal Reception. The Rennie Lobby.