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Oh no, Kate and Tilly had one huge weapon they liked to break out: PR.

Razor gang

Along with killing and mutilation, Kate and Tilly both used public relations to destroy each other in the papers, you know, just like D list celebs do today! Yeah it's a weird AF plot twist, just roll with it. Kate bloody loved a good bit of PR. Sure, she might have shot and killed a couple of guys, but really, underneath it all, she was just a nice lady who happened to run a criminal empire. You guys…people actually bought this. While Tilly was famously slashing Johns and dousing policemen in petrol, Kate was making a very public show of donating some of her ill-gotten gains to poor children and hosting Christmas for the city's poverty-stricken families.

Kate just looked so much better compared to her rival! Even when she was being trailed by police, Kate found time for an old-timey photo op.

Awww that smile almost makes you forget all the crime and murder! So she went all in, tearing apart her rival's image. Kate Leigh does all this.

Gangland Sydney : James Morton :

All class, that Tilly. After a series of raids, Kate was arrested, and spent the next few years locked up. Obviously, Kate being Kate, she owned the prison, inviting the warden's wife for tea and pretty much ruling over the inmates. Tilly also landed on her feet, once more back in Sydney and operating her chain of brothels. By now all their friends were dead or in jail. Both women truly only had each other.

Awww, these two ruined so many lives.

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Eventually, karma came around for Tilly and Kate. By the time the taxman caught up with Kate in , she owed so much that paying it back bankrupted her. Tilly was slightly better off, losing almost all her property and only just managing to hold on to one small brothel. Tilly followed in , her funeral almost unattended, the only eulogy was given by Sydney's Police Commissioner, who said in possibly the most contradictory sentence ever uttered by someone working in the police : "She was a villain, but who am I to judge her? From historic hangover cures to unsung historic heroes, all told with a healthy does of gifs and somewhat terrible jokes, it's history If our bold, uncensored reporting on women's issues is important to you, please consider making a donation.

BUST Boobtique. Two women ruled this all: Tilly Devine and Katie Leigh. Support Feminist Media! During these troubling political times, independent feminist media is more vital than ever. Trending on BUST. Week Of Women: November , Six years earlier he'd been extradited from the United States over his suspected role in a fatal shooting in , which sparked a wave of violent recriminations across Sydney's southwest.

NSW Police homicide squad commander Scott Cook, on Wednesday, said he's confident Joseph was murdered by "close associates", stuffed into a gallon drum and loaded into a van on Sydney's outskirts.

Nicola Gobbo boasted to cop about convicting her own client for gangland murder

For several days in February, police combed a Putty Road property at Blaxland Ridge where Strikeforce Halfbeak believe his body may be buried. Investigators have masses of evidence, including suspect vehicles, but never found Joseph's final resting place. Detectives know who carried out the killing, they know it was more than one person, and they know it was for "financial gain", Det Supt Cook said.

Three people in their 20s arrested in Sydney counter-terror raids - Nine News Australia

The homicide chief called it a "one-off" noting the rewards are investigative strategies, not indications of a person's value. He acknowledged those with the right information could be involved in criminal networks themselves and the money could end up in nefarious hands.

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But for those who simply know and fear Joseph's killers, Det Supt Cook says police will keep them safe and help them walk away with the fortune. All rights reserved.

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Gangland Sydney (Gangland series)

News Chevron Right Icon Crime. Perry Duffin AAP. Wednesday, 11 July AM. Camera Icon Sydney gangster Raphael Joseph was probably murdered four years ago, police say.