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Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats: Every cheat code available to enhance your Western experience

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Time left. Seller Notes. Please see pic s and item description for condition details. Item Number. Item Ending. It's a remarkably absorbing, realistic soundscape, adding an extra layer of fidelity to the world. Seriously, plug in some good headphones, stand still, and just listen. It's like being there. The soundtrack is fantastic too. Nobody uses music quite like Rockstar, and as well as a beautiful original score by Woody Jackson, which reacts dynamically to what you're doing in-game, Red Dead 2 also features original songs by artists as diverse as D'Angelo, Willie Nelson, and Josh Homme.

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Red Dead 2 has a musical moment to rival that. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a love letter to the Wild West: both the romantic, fictional version and, in some ways, the reality.

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It has elements of every kind of cowboy fiction, from Clint Eastwood westerns to more stark, realistic stuff like HBO's Deadwood—and even influences as relatively far afield as Cormac McCarthy's novel Blood Meridian. It's also steeped in the past, evoking the real-world history of a burgeoning United States transitioning into the industrial age.

You have all the horse chases, shootouts, train robberies, and pistol duels you might expect. But you also have the emotional, introspective elements of darker Wild West fiction too. It's surprisingly slow and melancholy for a blockbuster game, and the story is genuinely heartbreaking at times.

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  5. Don't expect a raucous, rootin'-tootin' spaghetti western: it definitely has a few moments like that, but for the most part, this is a really quite sombre and grounded experience. When you think of the romantic idea of a Wild West outlaw, you think of freedom. That's a big part of the genre's appeal: a life on the edge, roaming wherever the wind takes you, free from obligation. Red Dead Redemption 2 twists this idea by setting the game at a time when, with civilisation creeping into the west and the rise of organisations like the Pinkertons, that lifestyle is increasingly difficult to maintain.

    But that feeling of freedom is still out there in the wilderness, away from the crowds and gaslights of civilisation.

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    You complete story missions, often in an order of your choosing, until it triggers the next big story beat. But the game also encourages you to wander off the beaten path, meeting strangers, hunting in the woods, fishing in rivers, searching for buried treasure, and all manner of compelling distractions. One of the most fun ways to play is just picking a direction, riding, and seeing what you bump into.

    One of the most consistently entertaining things about Red Dead Redemption 2 is how alive and reactive the world feels. If you rob a store and rough up the shopkeeper, not only will they remember you the next time you roll into town, but they'll have a black eye or a bandaged head as well. If your honour is low because you've been committing crimes or generally acting like a jerk, people on the street will be wary of you, muttering under their breath as you pass by. There are thousands of these tiny details; more than I could ever list.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Soundtrack - Cruel, Cruel World (ending music) - HD (With Visualizer)

    You can also tease a reaction out of literally any NPC by approaching them and starting a conversation. You can be polite and indulge in some small talk. Or you can antagonise them, which usually results in a fist fight, a gun being pulled, or them fleeing in terror—depending on what kind of person they are. Sprint was born out of the thousands of miles of telegraph wire that ran along the Southern Pacific Railroad's tracks to facilitate train dispatches.

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