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Cush to Mysterious Babylon: Africa and the Covenant People

Israel went into Babylonian exile as punishment for her own unfaithfulness and idolatry. God allowed the temple to be destroyed because He was disgusted by the hypocritical worship being conducted there Isaiah Because the temple was indispensable for Old Covenant worship, the Israelites could not worship God according to His word in Babylon.

After 70 years of exile, the Israelites were allowed to return to Jerusalem, rebuild the temple, and restore Old Covenant worship. A messianic undertone is discernable in passages where Israel is commanded to flee from Babylon. Flee from the Chaldees! Forsake her, and let us go everyone to his own country; for her judgment reaches to heaven and is lifted up to the skies.

The LORD has revealed our righteousness. To know the meaning of Babylon, we must understand various symbols in Revelation. The dragon is the devil Revelation As in Daniel, beasts represent governments. A second beast, who resembles a lamb but speaks like a dragon, exercises all the authority of the first beast, and causes everyone on earth to worship the first beast Revelation So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; There are only two classes: the saints of God and those who worship the devil.

Only by the blood of Christ can one be conveyed from the power of darkness into the kingdom of God Colossians , This beast is religious religious authority and is supported by the first beast political authority. When this was written, any reader would think of the Roman Empire. Thus Babylon Rome is a depiction of the false prophet.

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All religious and political rebellion against God is symbolized by the harlot and the beast she rides! The harlot is not the literal city of Rome, but Rome as a symbol. Paul was a Roman citizen Acts , In his letter to the Romans, he did not tell them to leave the city. Like ancient Babylon, Rome spread false religion by political force. After Augustus BC everyone was commanded to worship the emperor. Thus, like Babylon, Rome is a fitting symbol of all political and religious rebellion against God.

Because they refused to worship the emperor, Christians were persecuted by pagan Rome, especially under Nero, Domitian and Trajan. Through the centuries this unholy Roman empire murdered non- Catholics with the blessing of the popes. Among the thousands killed was William Tyndale, the English Bible translator.

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He was burned at the stake in Vilvoorde, Belgium on 6 October After a period of conflicting claims to jurisdiction, the Vatican City State was recognized as a sovereign state in Even so, most European and many South American countries have Catholic political parties, and via its hierarchy, the Vatican exercises authority throughout the world.

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest body that claims to be Christian. Babylon corrupts the world religiously. Remember that these symbols include everyone on earth who is not in the Book of Life Revelation , 4, 8.

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The researcher, David B. Barrett, identified 19 major world religions subdivided into about 10, distinct religions, and 34, denominations in Christendom. Now that is real Babel! Denominationalism, which views divergent forms of Christianity as tolerable, is a tool of the devil. Babylon in Revelation cannot refer to the Roman Catholic Church exclusively, as is sometimes claimed, since everyone in the world, except those in the Book of Life, worships the devil via these two beasts. Learn more about his creations What makes Biblio different? Facebook Instagram Twitter.

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Israel's Babylonian Captivity

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The Biblical Description of the End-Time “Daughter of Babylon”

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