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Publishers Weekly , starred review. Sophia Calderwood, 12, and her parents live in British-occupied Manhattan, ; her brother William has joined the rebel army. Masquerading as Tories, the Calderwoods are able to stay in their home, but are forced to house British officers. He captivates Sophia, despite her hatred for the enemy and her anger when he refuses to aid her beloved brother, now in British hands. William dies amid the horrifying conditions of a prison ship and Sophia vows vengeance.

Website copyright - Avi. All rights reserved. Site designed by Winding Oak. Materials on this website may be copied for classroom or library use but may not be reprinted or resold for commercial purposes. It was that battle, which brought the English to Manhattan, which they occupied for the rest of the war.

The place where I lived was also not far from the Brooklyn bay where the British had prisoner ships.

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Fifty thousand Americans died on those ships. The beach was littered with human bones.


The statue was presented to the community by a local benefactor, name of—John Anderson. In Armonk, in a grassy hollow at High Street and Greenway Road, is a granite slab surrounded on three sides by stone walls, the site of Sand's Mill where Col. John Jameson had his headquarters. Jameson had received instructions from Arnold to pass John Anderson onto Arnold's headquarters should he show up. Jameson decided to play it safe. Jameson also wrote an account of the incident and sent Arnold. The next day, Sunday, Sept.

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The spot is marked by a plaque set into a stone wall in front of a modern ranch house. His letter and the papers were sent on to Washington, now expected at Arnold's headquarters, Robinson House. The original house was burned to the ground in the late 19th century. Early Monday morning, Washington and his aides, Lafayette, among them were on the road heading for Robinson House.

Alexander Hamilton and another aide rode ahead to visit the beautiful Peggy Arnold. They sat down to breakfast with Arnold, but Peggy remained in bed.

The American Revolutionary war 1

Next to arrive at the house was the man Jameson had sent to Arnold with a letter announcing John Anderson's apprehension and the dispatch of his papers to Washington. Keeping his cool, Arnold went upstairs to tell Peggy the jig was up, came down to say he was needed at the Point, ordered his horse and galloped down the slope across the road to the river.

Arnold's Lane, on the opposite side of 9D a few yards north of the house site, leads to the river. Across the New York Central tracks is a rocky, wooded promontory, the site of Beverly Dock where Arnold entered his barge and had himself rowed to safety on. Peggy Arnold pulled a crazy act that fooled everyone and was sent back to her family in Philadelphia. The two were then escorted to Tappan. The settings for the final, tragic scenes in Tappan were a tavern, a church, an old farmhouse and the top of a convenient hill. Mabie's Tavern on King's Highway, in the heart of the village, is now a restaurant called '76 House.

Benedict Arnold

The building has been restored to what it was when officers of the Continental Army camped in and around the town and came to refresh their spirits at its bar—still in service. There had been no flag. He insisted that it was just appearances that made it seem he was acting under false pretenses—that is, spying—but the board; knowing that he had worn a civilian coat and traveled under an assumed name, concluded that he was a spy and sentenced him to hang. Washington made his Tappan headquarters in the DeWint House, a Dutch colonial farmhouse built in The DeWint House is only an abbreviation of its former self, for five of its original dozen or so rooms were razed sometime in the past.

The house is open to the public daily from 10 A. It contains a number of relics that were there when Washington was in residence. Washington is supposed to have called for the shutters to be closed on the day of Andre's execution, for his office looked out toward Mabie's Tavern and the spy's last mile.

He also had an escort of 60 Continental soldiers, who marched to fifes and drums, and American officers who had come to hold him in high regard during his captivity.

Fact #1: West Point is the oldest continuously operated Army post in the United States.

It was official Crown policy to encourage American defectors, not hand them back to their enraged countrymen. In the center, behind an iron railing, is a large memorial stone. Climbing onto a wagon waiting under the crosspiece, he adjusted the noose himself, supplied the handkerchiefs with which his eyes were covered and his arms bound and asked those present—a crowd of local civilians had joined the attending soldiery—to bear witness to his brave ending as a soldier. His death was mourned by both armies.

Smith, who seems to have been Arnold's dupe, was tried and acquitted of the charge of treason, but was then handed over to Drew York civil authorities for a new trial. He escaped from a jail in Goshen and found refuge with the British. Arnold saw action as a general officer with the British Army against his former compatriots before he and his family moved first to Canada and then to England. He and Peggy are buried in the vault of St. Mary's Church in Battersea, London.

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In , Andre's body was reinterred in Westminster. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles.

Battle of West Point

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