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But this is also important because many Americans erroneously believe that all members of the military, especially those in the Army and Marines, directly fight the enemy. The military includes literally hundreds of diverse specialties, from welders to dog handlers to musicians. Asking a vet about the job he or she had in uniform may open a surprising new conversation.

This is a great opportunity to learn about what that felt like — and you might be surprised by these stories as well. Some veterans appreciate that many people want to express their gratitude and support, while others — including one of your column authors — react negatively and find it an all-too-easy brush-off of any further need to be involved with our wars.

Veterans’ Policy in Russia: a Puzzle of Creation

The recent film with this title, and the book upon which it is based, use the phrase ironically. If you want to avoid seeming trite, try saying thanks in one of these ways instead. Every vet has some of these stories and most will enjoy sharing some of their favorites. Everybody eats, and people in the military have a wide range of culinary experiences that can only be described as interesting — and, thankfully, are rarely replicated in civilian life.

Soldiers often describe combat as long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. Many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines overseas do things in their free time that might surprise you, like making parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen songs or filming other funny and creative YouTube videos. Some veterans may have never reflected upon their service in this way. Pondering these questions might help them gain greater insight about their time in uniform — and probably help you learn something important too.

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Any veteran who spends significant time overseas returns to the United States with a different perspective of the country and its people. Find out what it feels like to come back. For example, one of your column authors was both struck and disheartened by how much of American culture is dominated by an incessant obsession with sports and entertainment.

Why World War I Matters in American History

Why or why not? We hope that you use these suggestions on this Veterans Day and in the years ahead to better understand some of your fellow citizens who have chosen to serve in uniform.

Listen Now. Skip to main content. The Center for American War Letters. Navigate This Section. A programme of government expenditure was launched. Thus, this process can be considered to be a consequence of the consolidation and reinforcement of the Russian state. Several assassinations in the years supported this interpretation. One War alone still exists in Russian military legislation, just as many years ago; it is the Great Patriotic War. Ongoing conflicts in the Chechen Republic , present were the driver for the next reform in military welfare with a significant lag between the beginning of operations and welfare provision for their participants.

Before that, their provision was regulated by temporary decrees.

Preserving Veterans’ Memories

According to the law, veterans of combat operations have special rights to pension provision, priorities in employment and education, reduced tax, housing, health, prosthetic-dentistry , transport services local and regional , orthopedic support, provision of rehabilitation vehicles, etc.

The government tried to resolve this problem through delegation of functions from central to local authorities. Since the end of the s, social policy has undergone the following series of reforms. The results of all these reforms are still difficult to estimate. To some extent it would be true to say that all groups of veterans have a preferred status in Russian social policy; all groups of veterans are exclusive.

Their special rights are provided by a developed system of welfare. Sometimes they must fight against the bureaucracy in order to obtain benefits, but this is a typical problem of the way welfare functions in Russia. Behind them follow the Veterans of Combat Operations and participants of ongoing operations. It appears that the new Russian state is trying to reanimate the ghost of its Soviet past and return to the symbioses which existed between the party, the military, and society in Soviet times.

However, the place of the Communist Party is empty in the current system. It would be interesting to know what kind of ideology will be the new cement in this modern civil-military contract.

Left Behind in Ramadi: Combat Vet's Iraq War Story

A humanities journal specialised in armed forces and military structures in post-Soviet societies. Contents - Previous document - Next document.

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  8. Stratification of veterans in modern Russia. Full text PDF Send by e-mail. I would like to thank all my colleagues for their valuable comments.

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    I am very grateful to Dr Tim Edmunds, whose remarks have an enormous value. I am also very grateful to Dr Steve Webber.

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    Nr Finally, I would like to thank Sandy Coates for her help in the editing of this paper, for her patience and support. Dandeker, S. Wesseley, A. Iversen, and J. Jones, Red Army and Society. Press, , pp. Titmuss, in Social Policy: An Introduction. Deacon et. Reese, The Soviet Military Experience.


    Collection of newspaper articles in V. Vinogradov, Afganistan: 10 let glasami SMI. Reese, op. Oslon, M.